Sunset at the Camp

Camp Reynoldswood

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Seasonal Lodging (sleep 132 in total)

Tree Houses (sleep 48 in total)

Tree House

Located in the midst of our dense forest, the four tree houses--Matthew, Mark, Luke and John--share three campfire rings and a freshwater spigot. Each tree house is air conditioned, and stands 10 feet above the ground.


Cabins (sleep 60 in total)

Three season cabin - Ruth

On the eastern side of the property, we have a group of seven air-conditioned cabins: Mary, Martha, Ruth, Jonathan, Debra, Joseph, and Samuel. This cluster of cabins has a heated bath house, three different campfire sites, and includes a beautiful outdoor chapel. The weather will "tell" us when we shut these down for the season. We try and bring these cabins on-line to be used between April - October each year, weather permitting.

Five (5) of the three-season cabins are also equipped with heaters for those days that need a touch of heat to take the chill out of the air and A/C to save you from the heat. The cabins also have electricity available in them.


Screened Cabins (sleep 24 in total)

Screened Faith cabin

For a more remote, and natural experience--without the noise of air conditioning units echoing off of closed doors and windows--we have cluster of three SCREENED cabins--Faith, Hope, and Love--in the more westerly area of camp. These cabins are nearer the river than the main cabins and tree houses, but they require a bit of a walk to the shower house (or pool house), for running water.