Sunset at the Camp

Reynoldswood Christian Camp and
Retreat Center

Reynoldswood provides a retreat opportunity for groups of all sizes.

The 170 acres of woods and meadows gives plenty of space for serenity and relaxation. The site is located at the west edge of Dixon, IL, ten minutes from

Retreats - Space Rentals

Reynoldswood provides a retreat opportunity for all types of groups and sizes.


The grounds at Manor House are the perfect setting to have a large tent for any occassion. You should also think of us for your next company picnic or meeting.

We are finding there are more companies considering non-traditional locations. We offer you that and so much more. We are close by, our costs are very reasonable, and travel time is minimum.

We can take you away from the office and phones. We can host you in our chapel - set with tables and chairs, or enjoy the Manor House main floor area, but do remember lunchtime and enjoy a meal in the dining hall. You might even want to host your annual company BBQ / picnic under our Orchard Picnic Pavilion.


Slice of SunshineCome for the day and have lunch brought in to you. After lunch, why not take your office members out on the Team Building Course which is led by one of our certified staffers.

Retreat Central explains it best - "Camps were created expressly for the purpose of helping groups of people develop relationships that build communities that last well into the future. Camp facilities provide a memorable environment that helps reinforce the messages you are trying to instill."

If you would like to stay overnight, we offer year round housing available in the Manor House and Whitney Wing.

Slice of Sunshine

The benefits of meeting in a naturally beautiful environment may seem obvious. 

Waking up to the sounds of birds and breezes, breathing fresh air and experiencing a sunset are just a few of the built in benefits. 




Close of day on the Rock River


The perfect spot to feel the quiet of your retreat slip into the solitude along the Rock River.

Close your day here with a campfire and S'mores!