Sunset at the Camp

Camp Reynoldswood

Winter sun through the trees

Reynoldswood provides retreat opportunities for groups of all sizes. Year-round lodging is available in Manor House, Whitney Wing, and Genesis House.

Genesis House sleeps 14 in seven bunk beds (4 twin-over-double, 3 twin-over-twin), and accommodates self-cooking within the House.

Confirmation Camp
Available twice annually:
· 3rd Friday-Saturday of May;
· 3rd Friday-Saturday of November
$ 75/person
includes 1 night's lodging, 2 meals, 1 snack
Confirmation Camp is an excellent team-building experience for participating confirmands.
Through Bible studies, group activities, team building and worship, we explore who we are as individuals, as a community of faith, and as Christians in an ever-changing world. We work with local pastors to ensure that the weekend experience complements and enhances your home curriculum.
Group Registration Form Here (PDF)